Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ohio Woman Happy She Did Not Unknowingly Marry Brother

After first learning the truth about her marriage with her deceased husband, revealed as her biological fatherValerie Spruill was able to bring positive light to the subject.

"While I did accidentally marry my father, I must be happy that I did not accidentally marry my brother."

Valerie never met her father while she was a child. She was separated from her biological family at a young age. Valerie believes that when she met her father as a young woman, neither of them had any knowledge of the relation.

"I count myself lucky. Biologists tell me that a father and daughter can produce children without an elevated risk of birth deformities."

Spruill went on to talk about how perfect her children, even though their father was also their grandfather.

"Imagine the horror if my husband had turned out to be my brother. Not only would their have been sibling rivalry but he would have been that creepy uncle no one wants to acknowledge at family reunion."

Valerie's brother made the following statement.

"I could never have 'accidentally' married my sister. I think she is rather ugly looking."

Spruill expressed her happiness that her children were not deformed.

"Combined with my brother's overly large nose and humongous head, and not to mention the deformities one has when procreating with your sibling, the combination would have been revolting. God forbid one ends up with his nose, or barring genetic deformity, two of his enormous noses."

Valerie and her brother continue to avoid speaking to each other.

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